A Young Cyclist Tragically Dies After Being Hit in San Francisco

Nancy Ho, a 25-year-old cyclist was struck by a food delivery truck in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday. The truck was heading west on Mission, and s much as I would not like to say the next part, it must be said: the cyclist made an illegal left turn onto Fremont in front of the truck and was not wearing a helmet. Consequently, sadly and unfortunately, she died yesterday, as reported by sfweekly. Maybe this young cyclist didn’t know that she was making an illegal turn until it was too late. Maybe she did know. But this is not the time or place to make contentious arguments in either direction. We will never know what she was thinking. Either way it is simply tragic, and sometimes and accident is just accident. However, this incident does underscore the importance of keeping safe out there on San Francisco’s bustling streets, whether you are driving, walking, or cycling, and that is a point we cannot stress that enough. (For information on bike safety and road rules, see our former post– San Francisco Bike Attorney: Bike Accidents with Cars or Trucks)
Cyclists must remember that their lives are at stake once they start pedaling. Every moment counts out there. Wearing a helmet, cycling defensively and not taking any chances by assuming that drivers are looking out for you is a great way to stay safe and a great way to stack the deck your favor. Also, knowing your bike route before you hit you road could save your life. Our friends over at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, folks who work hard campaigning for a complete system of safe bikeways to be built throughout San Francisco, offer free workshops on how to ride your bike safely, confidently, and respectfully. We encourage both novice and experienced cyclists alike to sit in on these classes –from which the former can learn something new and the latter can pull information they may have forgotten or never knew. With all the recent bike and pedestrian accidents, we feel the need to share some other general safety tips for cyclists:
Be extremely aware of traffic around you and be prepared to brake in an instant.
Yield to all pedestrians (this is not just a tip-it is the law).
Use extreme caution when cycling past park cars, as driver may not see you when the open the door or when pulling out of the space.
Stay out of a driver’s blind spot and make sure you are noticed as much as possible.
Avoid traveling alongside cars when moving thru intersections, as they might turn into you without signaling.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury as a cyclist, please contact our firm for a free consultation. Our firm has been advocating on behalf of injured cyclists for over ten years, and we have helped clients who have suffered minor injuries to catastrophic injuries. We take cases on a contingency basis, meaning you owe us nothing up front and won’t pay anything until we settle your case.

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