aowellzmpzm-gor-davtyan-225x300In early April, the Board of Supervisors introduced two new pieces of legislations both aimed at making it more difficult for landlords to wrongfully evict tenants. The legislation, introduced by Supervisor Mark Farrell and Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Jane Kim, was drafted after an NBC Bay Area Investigation found landlords were fraudulently claiming landlord move-ins to evict tenants. It is legal for landlords to evict tenants so that they or one of their family members can move into a unit. However, NBC found there is little oversight to this process and many landlords are lying to get old tenants out and new tenants willing to pay much higher prices in.

The NBC Bay Area Investigation

NBC investigators knocked on doors throughout San Francisco to survey residents in addresses that were listed as having an owner-move-in eviction. They were able to survey residents at more than 100 addresses and found 24 instances in which neither the landlord nor a family member was currently living in the unit. This meant that nearly one in four evictions may have been unlawful.

alessio-lin-208193-copy-200x300A seven-vehicle crash inside Robin Williams tunnel, a busy commuter route between the North Bay and San Francisco, backed up commuter traffic to Marin on April 18. The accident occurred shortly before 8:30 a.m. and involved a collision between a Ford SUV, a BMW, a motorcycle, and multiple other vehicles. It is unknown why the collision occurred at this time. At least one person was reported injured and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene. No fatalities have been reported and the accident remains under investigation.

This size of a crash inside the busy tunnel is a strong reminder to commuters regarding safety in heavy traffic and enclosed spaces. If you were injured in a similar accident, do not hesitate to reach out to the San Francisco personal injury lawyers of Brod Law Firm. We can review your situation and advise you on the best way to seek compensation for your injuries.

Driving Safely Through Tunnels

taduuda-76960-copy-300x200Three Sonoma County contractors are facing up to 50 felony and misdemeanor charges after an investigation led by the California Contractors State License Board found they were scamming customers. Some of the charges include grand theft, burglary, diversion of construction funds, conspiracy, and elder abuse.

Contractors Took Advantage of Clients

Tony Joseph Goodwin and Samuel Williams of Goodwin Millworks are accused of taking advantage of private consumers and non-profit organizations that house citizens with developmental disabilities. They are accused of unlawfully obtaining about $566,000 from their victims. The non-profits paid more than $460,000 for work on two different homes, which were abandoned by the contractors. They then had to pay an additional $685,000 to another contractor to complete the unfinished work.

nitish-meena-198784-copy-300x200In the current political climate, it comes as no surprise to local California attorneys and authorities that landlords are using the threat of deportation against their tenants who are or appear to be immigrants. The exact reasons for the threats vary. Some landlords want to force immigrants to pay higher rents while others want them to move out so the landlord can charge new tenants more. Still other landlords are using threats of calling immigration officials to move racial minorities out of certain neighborhoods for the purpose of gentrification. Whatever the reasons, these threatening tactics violate tenants’ rights.

If you are experiencing threats or harassment from your landlord based on your immigrant or documentation status, contact a San Francisco tenant rights attorney at Brod Law Firm to learn about protecting your rights.

Your Immigration or Citizenship Status is Private

b3ims-0adiw-frantzou-fleurine-300x140Elder neglect and abuse are a growing concern around the country. As of mid-2014, there were 46.2 million individuals in the U.S. over the age of 65 and by 2060, that number is projected to grow to 98.2 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. At that point, almost one in four U.S. residents will be elderly, and 19.7 million of them will be 85 years or older. As our population ages, these individuals become more vulnerable to physical and emotional neglect as well as physical, emotional, and financial abuse. However, there are ways to remain vigilant and prevent seniors from being hurt and taken advantage of. Isolation is one of the consistent signs that elder neglect or abuse is happening.

Who Can Isolate Your Loved One

Isolation can begin as minor changes in your loved one’s life until it becomes so extreme, your elderly family member or friend has little to no contact with others. This isolation can be caused by a family member, romantic partner, caregiver, or anyone who establishes a relationship of trust with your loved one like neighbors. Workers who your loved one sees consistently over time like bank tellers and grocery store clerks can also become overly involved in your loved one’s life and isolate them for financial gain.

dawn-armfield-66060-copy-300x225On Sunday April 9, a deadly crash occurred in San Jose. Around 2:30 a.m., the driver of a Lexus appears to have been speeding and lost control of the vehicle on Highway 280, colliding into another vehicle, which rolled over. The Lexus then hit a Honda, which caught fire. The injured driver of the Honda was unable to escape, despite many other motorists attempting to pull the driver from the vehicle. The driver of the Lexus and the passenger were taken to the hospital for treatment and are expected to survive. The Lexus driver is currently under investigation for a DUI.

Vehicle fires as a result of collisions, mechanical failures, and other issues often result in injuries and fatalities. If you lost a loved one in a vehicle fire, contact the San Francisco wrongful death attorneys of Brod Law Firm to learn about your legal rights and options to recover compensation.

Vehicle Fires in the U.S.

A San Francisco Court of Appeal ruled that relocation assistance payments for tenants, increased by a 2015 law, were unlawful and pre-empted by the 1985 Ellis Act since they placed a “prohibitive” cost upon a landlord’s right to leave the rental industry. This is a disappointing decision for tenants who are kicked out of their buildings and have to find suitable housing in a challenging market. For tenants who were long-time residents of these buildings, the move may be particularly difficult since rents have increased drastically in San Francisco in recent years. It may not be possible to find an apartment of comparable size or within the area for the same price.

If you are being evicted and you are not sure it was lawful or you need relocation assistance, contact the San Francisco tenant rights lawyers of Brod Law Firm right away.

More on the Appellate Court’s Decision

freestocks-org-126848-copy-300x200Coumadin and other blood thinners are commonly used by elderly individuals. These individuals are often prescribed this type of medication to reduce the chance of heart attack, stroke, and other major medical events. However, blood thinners are serious medications and patients taking them need to be closely monitored by a physician or nursing home staff. Being on this type of medication when it is unnecessary or taking too much can lead to injuries and fatalities. In fact, ProPublica and The Washington Post found that 165 nursing home residents were hospitalized or died after suffering from Coumadin, or the generic Warfarin, errors between 2011 and 2014. These incidents are preventable when elderly patients are given proper care.

The Dangers of Failing to Monitor Blood Thinners

Coumadin has well-documented benefits. However, when patients are given too much or too little of a blood thinner, they are put at risk for serious health issues and early death. For instance, when patients who are at risk for negative health events are given too low of a dosage or not given their prescribed medication, they remain highly at risk for blood clots, stroke, and heart attack. When elderly individuals are prescribed or unnecessarily given too much of a blood thinner, they can suffer internal bleeding. Warfarin can also dangerously interact with other medications like commonly prescribed antibiotics. If physicians and other nursing home staff are not on the lookout for common medication interactions, then elderly patients are seriously at risk for injuries.

nabeel-syed-2856-copy-300x200A multi-vehicle accident on Interstate-580 near the Harrison Street exit in March left one individual dead and another seriously injured. The initial accidents were caused by a 1997 Acura and a 2003 Honda. When both drivers exited their vehicles on the busy road, they were struck by oncoming traffic. The first driver of the Acura was announced dead at the scene after responders attempted to revive him. The other driver of the Honda became trapped under a vehicle. He was removed by responders and taken to the hospital for treatment of significant injuries. At least two other vehicles were involved in the multi-vehicle crash, however no other drivers or passengers were hurt.

Should People Leave Their Vehicles After a Crash?

Drivers and passengers of car accidents always face a question immediately after the incident: Should I get out of the vehicle? This question may be answered quickly. When people are badly injured and bleeding, it is best they stay put until emergency medical personnel arrive. Moving may cause additional injury. However, if the conditions within the vehicle appear too dangerous, such as if there is a fire, then leaving the vehicle as safely as possible is important.

cristian-newman-63291-199x300The care facility formerly known as the Golden Living Center along with its administration and four employees are being sued for negligent hiring and elder abuse. The suit is based on the death of Jeanne Roney, 91. Roney was diagnosed with scabies and then passed away nine days later. Her daughter, Tammy Cook, claims her mother died due to the facility’s negligence, which resulted in her mother falling several times, acquiring scabies and multiple urinary tract infections, and suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. Cook alleges her mother was not properly cared for, eventually acquiring a UTI that could not be treated with oral antibiotics and scabies that were so bad Queen of the Valley Hospital notified the California Department of Public Health about the case.

If your loved one at a care facility is suffering from unnecessary injuries like UTIs, bed sores, or dehydration, contact a San Francisco elder abuse lawyer at Brod Law Firm as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help you get the proper care for your loved one and determine if he or she has the right to file a suit against negligent caretakers or facilities.

Negligent Hiring