California Highway Accident Injurs Family, Leaving One Dead

When we came across the headline “Escondido Boy Dies In Highway 78 Accident,” it gave us a moment for pause. Here at the Brod Law Firm, we never like to read about anyone dying for any reason, but we especially don’t like to read about children dying in tragic car accidents such as this one. On Saturday, July 12th around 4:20pm an 8 year old boy was traveling with his family west on Highway 78 when the tragedy occurred. According to Highway Patrol Officer Brad Denham, the boy’s Grandmother was driving when one of the tires blew out, causing them to veer off the freeway and crash through a chain- link fence that bordered the off-ramp. Sadly, the boy was ejected from the back seat and was rushed to Tri City Medical Center, where attempts were made to keep him alive, but he died that same evening. His family suffered minor injuries.

After reading such a story, we don’t have enough factual information to make any conclusions regarding fault. All we can do is speculate. What we do know for sure, however, is that there was a tire blow out. We can ponder over whether or not hazardous road conditions led to the accident or if the tires on the car were defective or poorly maintained. The sad truth is, though, sometimes blow outs happen even if tires are not defective or properly maintained and road conditions are safe. We hope the victims of this accident focus less on finding the answers to these questions and more on finding the strength and resources to cope with their loss. Regardless of why the tire blew out, this story brings to mind the importance of tire maintenance. Even if you are a safe driver, there are some instances where the proper maintenance of your tires can save your life. According there are few simple safety tips you can follow regarding maintenance of your tires, that don’t require much time, and they are:

• Look for the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure located on the door jamb of your vehicle, and always check your air pressure to make sure it is up to standards, especially if you are carrying extra weight.
• For accuracy, you should do a monthly check on your air pressure with a tire guage when tires are cold. Driving heats up tires and makes the reading incorrect.
• Don’t overload your vehicle as overloading results in tire damage.
• Always do a visual check of your tires and look for signs of wear.
• For maximum mileage, rotate your tire every 5,000 miles.

These tips are a good example of what it takes to stay safe on the road. We wish our clients and readers heed these tips as well as continue to educate themselves on how to be safe drivers. If your tire blows out, you could lose control of your car and hurt not just yourself but other drivers as well. Everyone deserves to feel safe on the road, and maintaining your tires is just one way you can ensure the road is a safe place.

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