Holiday Message from your San Francisco DUI Accident Lawyers: Enjoy, Give Thanks, Be Safe

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, attorney Gregory Brod and the Brod Law Firm team is grateful for the clients who trust us to guide them through the legal system and to help them through one of the hardest times in their lives. We appreciate you visiting the blog and reaching out to us when facing your own legal matters. We hope you all have a wonderful season and enjoy a lovely meal with loved ones this Thanksgiving.

As Northern California car accident attorneys, we are keenly aware that holiday gatherings often involve alcohol. We see the horrible consequences that arise when people make the decision to drive despite having had too much to drink. Statistics suggest that the largest number of alcohol-involved automobile accidents actually happen at Thanksgiving, rather than New Year’s Eve which many associate more directly with over-imbibing. Perhaps people make plans to avoid driving on New Year’s but neglect to take the same precaution on a day more associated with indulging on a big meal than alcohol. As a reminder, it is illegal in California to drive with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or above. For a 140lb adult, this is typically the equivalent of three alcoholic drinks over a two hour period, an amount easily imbibed at a holiday meal. It is important to recognize that even lesser amounts can result in dangerous impairment. California does allow for DUI convictions at lesser amounts and the danger of accidents rises with even a small amount of alcohol in the driver’s system.

We are attorneys for victims of drunk drivers in San Francisco. We are experienced and able to help victims recover for the financial loss and emotional trauma that follow an accident. We also believe that every DUI accident is preventable. We would welcome a world in which no innocent Californians faced the trauma of an alcohol-involved car accident. We can help victims, but avoiding the accidents from the start is always better than addressing them after the fact. Please take caution this season, both by making alternate transportation plans if you are drinking and by being alert on the roads for other drivers who may not have exercised the same care.

Unfortunately, as glance at area news reports confirms, alcohol-involved car crashes continue to occur. The Oakland Tribune recently reported on a case where 19 year-old Rafael Madrid of Antioch received a four-year prison sentence for a crash that killed Pablo Garibay. Alcohol is suspected in another crash reported in The Sacramento Bee where an SUV hit a mobile home in Woodland. If statistics hold true, there will be more sad news that comes out of the Thanksgiving holiday.

While prevention comes first, we are here to help if you are the victim of a drunk driver. We are experienced San Francisco car accident lawyers and we have handled alcohol-involved car accidents throughout Northern California, including the Sacramento and Oakland regions. We cannot reverse time but we can help residents of our communities reassemble the pieces after an accident. The legal process is complicated and it is vital that you have a skilled San Francisco automobile accident attorney on your side. If you or a loved one are the victim of a drunk driver, please contact the Brod Law Firm team. We are here to help.
We wish you all a safe and joyful holiday and hope your Thanksgiving is filled with smiles and good company.

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