Large Santa Clara County Verdict for Personal Injuries suffered in truck crash

A horrible motor vehicle accident in May of 2007 changed the life of a young man, forever, requiring him to need permanent and constant medical attention. A Santa Clara jury found that two truck drivers were responsible for the accident, one of whom was talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident. The truck driver who the jury found to be 60 percent at fault, denied causing the accident, and even denied contributing to the cause of the accident. The jury awarded more than $49 million in damages.

The failure to take responsibility for an accident is perhaps one of the most overlooked reasons why the California courts are bogged down with cases. While the proponents of “tort reform”, mostly backed by insurance companies, blame California juries for large verdicts, little is heard about jury verdicts, large or otherwise, occurring in the face of a total failure to assume responsibility. Often, it is not the wrongdoer, or even their attorney, who make the decision to force an injured person to go through a trial in court to have justice served, but the defendant’s insurance company. The insurance industry spends a great deal of money to ensure that everyone is familiar with the term “frivolous lawsuits”, but rarely are cases where a “frivolous defense” is raised, brought to the public’s attention. Cases like the one in Santa Clara County should send a message to insurance companies and to those responsible for causing injuries to others. Don’t think your conduct can cause serious injury to someone and get away with it in Santa Clara County.

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