Oakland-San Francisco Attorney Comments on Dog Bite Injury

On December 29th, two dogs, a boxer and a Labrador, attacked Bob Ferguson, a 78-year-old IBM retiree, who was walking his small dog in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Blossom Bill neighborhood, according to San Jose Mercury News. Ferguson said that the dogs did not make a sound at the time they charged him. He was bit on his ear, head, and arm and had to go to the emergency, where he received 10 stitches in his ear. He believes he would be dead if a neighbor had not seen the attack and chased the dogs away. Another of Ferguson’s neighbors said the same two dogs attacked his German shepherd just days before, which cost the family $660 at the Veterinarian. They fear the dogs could attack children next.

San Jose city officials have initiated what is called a “dangerous dog attack” investigation based on the attack on Ferguson, and there will be a public hearing to decide what to do about the dogs and the owner. If it is decided that the attack remains in the category of “dangerous” and not “vicious,” then it probable that the dogs will be allowed to live under the condition that their owner buys liability insurance and takes strict measures to secure them. At the end of this story, the main thing Ferguson is left wondering is: “Why would a person living in a quiet neighborhood need two big, threatening dogs for protection?” Here at the Brod Law Firm, we agree. It is unfortunate that some dog lovers place their taste for aggressive dogs above the welfare of their neighbors– a dangerous hobby that seems to be gaining popularity.

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