Oakland-San Francisco Attorney Comments on Safe Vehicles of the Near Future

Ford has introduced an innovative solution to reduce car accidents and curb congestion-intelligent vehicles that combine technologies, like WI-FI, GPS, and radar-based safety features, to create vehicles that wirelessly “talk” to each other and warn of possible hazards. Hailed as the new frontier of collision avoidance innovations, intelligent vehicles are expected to revolutionize the driving experience and hold the potential of helping reduce many crashes. Prototypes were recently brought to Southern California to demonstrate the real-life benefits of the technology.
The auto maker believes, when combined with existing technologies already available on Ford models, advanced vehicle-to-vehicle communications will be able to automatically assist a driver in preventing a collision. They also claim, intelligent vehicles could help warn drivers of numerous potential dangers such as a car running a red light but blocked from the view of a driver properly entering the intersection. Also, the cars are expected to reduce traffic delays by providing up to date traffic information, allowing drivers to avoid congested roadways.

Ford is also partnering with other automakers and the federal government to create a common language that will ensure all vehicles have the ability to talk to each other based on a common communication standard-cars that simply rely on GPS and a wireless data connection to beam their location and speed to each other. Some predict that intelligent cars of the future could be intelligent enough to avoid pedestrians, bicyclers, and others who are not driving automobiles. But can we really trust cars to do our thinking and reacting for us, and expect they will make our lives easier and safer? Time will reveal the answer. However, as we see the need for newer safety measures and ways to decrease traffic congestion continue to grow, it is undeniable intelligent cars are one of the more innovative attempts, we have seen thus far, toward finding safer, more sustainable ways of commuting.

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