Oakland-San Francisco Attorney Comments on Dangerous Intersections

According to streetsblog.com, surveillance video from a Tenderloin market shows a 65-year-old woman, who clearly had the right of way, in the crosswalk on Geary Boulevard and Leavenworth Street Wednesday afternoon when the driver of a UCSF shuttle bus loaded with passengers made a left turn onto Geary and struck and killed her. Suman Dhakal, who works at Star Market on the southeast corner, played the video for streetsblog before turning it over to SFPD investigators. It looks like it’s the driver’s fault from the shop video, because the light was a green and the woman was right in front of the bus. Dhakal said he thought that the driver was not paying attention, but, from looking at the video, it looks like he should have seen the lady.

What is particularly grim about this accident is the driver hit her once and then, perhaps out of fear, panic, and confusion, backed up and hit her again. Elizabeth Stampe, the executive director of Walk SF, said that the intersection of Geary and Leavenworth has been a troublesome spot for years. Dhakal said that he sees minor crashes and near misses on a daily basis. Most intersections like this one, intersections where a pedestrian walks alongside fast-moving, one-way traffic, are very dangerous indeed. Most drivers forget to slow down when they begin to turn, and slow down only when they see a pedestrian a few inches in front of them, which often leaves little time to safely stop. Like that shop owner at Geary and Leavenworth, you’re likely to see near misses at all these types of intersections. What is needed at intersections like this one is better street design, design that makes pedestrians a top priority and drivers aware.

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