Oakland-San Francisco Car Accident Attorney Comments on Highway 1 Accident

A crash occurred this morning on Highway 1 near Montara State beach at about 6:45am, according to SFexaminer.com. Two vehicles appeared to have been involved in the collision, which caused one driver to drive off the road and plunge more than 100 feet to his death. At the moment, his name has not been released, and the crash is still under investigation. Interestingly, the area where the accident occurred has been a concern for its residents because that particular stretch, between Half Moon Bay Airport and Devil’s Slide, passes sensitive coastline, communities with high pedestrian and bicycle activity, and carries significant commuter and tourist traffic. According to San Mateo County’s official website, San Mateo County and the Local Government Commission are in the begining stages of conducting a participatory planning effort to improve safety and mobility on that stretch of highway. The reason for the project is, back in 2009, a 12-year old child was struck by a car and critically injured when she was crossing the highway. It turns out that more than 100 people have been injured over the last ten years from accidents along highway 1 from Moss beach to Montara. Highway traffic speed is cited by residents as a challenge throughout much of the area.

Here at the Brod Law Firm, we have handled our share of car accidents, and we have a few tips for driving coastal roads. When driving on coastal highways drivers should always remember to drive defensively, wear their seatbelts, pullover if too many cars are following-when it is safe, however-and never pass double yellow lines. Remember that when you are driving south to north, you will be driving on the inside curbs; but when driving north to south, you should use extra caution, as you are on the cliff side, with nowhere to go but off the road if forced to avoid a collision. Always allow plenty of time to get to your destination so that you don’t feel rushed and tempted to go over the speed limit. Use extra when as you navigate those especially sharp curves in the road (just think: you will be able to enjoy the scenery better if you slow down). Always be alert for animals on the road, bicycles and pedestrians–for they can suddenly appear and can startle you. And during rainy weather or times of decreased visibility due to fog, slow down.

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