Oakland-San Francisco Defective Products Attorney Comments on Plavix Side effects.

Plavix, a popular drug used to prevent blood clots in people at risk for a heart attack, has been linked to some serious side effects, including bleeding. According to its label, Plavix can lead to gastrointestinal and cerebral hemorrhaging, bleeding of the eye (conjunctival, ocular, retinal) bleeding, musculosketal bleeding, fatal intracranial bleeding, respiratory tract bleeding, and skin bleeding. It turns out that bleeding, including life-threatening and fatal bleeding, is the most commonly reported side effect. For some time now, Plavix, prescribed along with asprin, was thought to cause less bleeding than the alternative blood thinner drug Warfarin. However, a recent study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found the risk of hemorrhaging among Plavix-asprin users significantly higher than thought, although still less than Wararfin risks. Yet the number bleeding related emergency room visits were similar for users of both drugs.

What does all this mean? Well, it means that patients and doctors should be aware of the risks involved with the use of Plavix, that doctors should inform their patients that Plavix could cause them to bleed more easily, that it could take longer than usually to stop bleeding, and that patients should report any unanticipated, prolonged or excessive bleeding. Bleeding and other adverse side effects from taking Plavix can have potentially life-threatening consequences. If you have taken or are currently taking Plavix, you may wish to consult with your physician to discuss possible alternatives, especially if you have had a recent surgery or trauma.

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