Oakland-San Francisco Injury Attorney Comments on Transportation Reform

Transportation for America writes: America’s transportation system is half a century behind-causing unnecessary pollution, expense, and congestion. We need our leaders to invest in public transportation, high-speed passenger rail, streets safe for biking and walking, maintaining our roads and transit systems, and green innovation. Here at the Brod Law Firm we wonder if the above listed things will come true or if we as a species will ever evolve past the automobile. Nevertheless, we face huge challenges– considering the fact that the majority of the House does not fully support alternative transportation, clean energy, and protecting the environment (most experts predict a two year gridlock), and the fact that Americans love their cars. The following is just one, though there are many, good argument to pose to anyone against working toward alternative transportation.
According to the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey, in 2008 U.S. motorists spent on average approximately $2,700 per vehicle on ownership expenses (purchases, registration, insurance, etc.) and $1,400 on fuel and oil, and about $4,100 in total.That year, governments spent $181 billion to build and maintain roadways, or about $730 annually per registered motor vehicle. Less than half of these roadway expenses are paid by motor vehicle user fees, the rest are borne through general taxes.

Needless to say it looks like it is up to individual citizens to do their part to effect change, such as using their cars less, walking or riding bicycles more and pressuring policy makers to invest in change. If you do choose an alternative form of transportation, don’t forget to stay safe whether you decide on cycling, walking or taking public transportation. Speaking of cycling, we would like to remind cyclists about, what some consider to be, their #1 enemy: the car door. As reported in NYT, cyclists sometimes call it “the door prize,” or simply being “doored.” In addition they report that a compilation of episodes in which drivers opened the doors of their parked vehicles into the path of oncoming cyclist can be found on BicycleSafe.com, which includes details of cases from places as diverse as India, Canada, Chicago, New Orleans and San Francisco. Such collisions can seriously injury, even kill cyclists. Any cyclist who has been “doored” should contact a bicycle injury attorney. Our firm specializes in these kinds of cases and has over 10 years experience fighting for the rights of cyclists.

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