San Francisco Bike Attorney comments on road rage incident

The streets of San Francisco are filled with cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, baby strollers, skateboarders, and cyclists. The concept of “Sharing the Road” is important from a social standpoint, but more importantly it is a safety issue that everyone should keep in mind, particularly in a densely-populated area. Bicyclist should ride defensively, as best as possible, and pedestrians need to ensure that oncoming traffic is slowing down before crossing the street. This advice may sound simple, but it’s better to try to avoid getting injured, even if it would be someone else’s fault. What happened a few days ago on the streets in San Francisco, however, was shockingly, no accident. A driver of an SUV apparently went on a hit and run rampage, hitting four victims, who were riding bicycles. Mayor Gavin Newsom issued a statement, reiterating his position that San Francisco is one of the nation’s bike-friendly cities. While this may be true, and the City certainly has no control over the intentional act of a lunatic, San Francisco still has a long way to go to ensure its cyclists have ample bike lanes in which to travel, and to continue to get the message out to all those who make their way across the streets of San Francisco every day: Share the Road.

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