San Francisco Burn Injury Attorney Comments on San Bruno Fire

According to, a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) spokesman said last Friday that the company’s gas transmission line ruptured, leading to the blast. It is not known what caused the rupture. CNN reported that the ruptured line was installed in 1948 and obtained a document form PG&E that stated the gas line had a relatively high risk and likelihood of failure. The document recommended the line be replaced because of its proximity to a populated area. In addition, the Wall Street Journal reported the gas line had an unusual construction, as it contained a longitudinal seam and numerous welds indicating it had been made from many small segments of steel pipe. And it is not known if the numerous welds could have weakened the pipe. A 28-foot section of the pipe has been excavated and will be sent to the national Transpotation Safety Board’s (NTSB) metallurgy labs in Washington for study.

According to Bloomberg news, a PG&E spokesman said the company inspected the pipeline in November and performed an annual gas-leak assessment in March. However the official would not discuss the results of the inspection. The blast and fire injured 52 people and killed four. Additional remains have been discovered and are being tested to determine their origin and identity. Investigators are looking into reports that residents in the area had made complaints to PG&E in the weeks prior to the blast about gas leaks in the neighborhood. PG&E has not been able to confirm those reports and says it has searched about two thirds of its phone reports from the neighborhood from September 1st thru September 9th.

In a statement PG&E said: “if it is ultimately determined that we were responsible for the cause of the incident, we will take accountability.” Here at the Brod Law firm we haven’t a doubt that PG&E is responsible for the injuries and property damage caused by this explosion, as they have admitted that they own and operated the gas line (the company has $992 million in liability insurance for damages caused by fire, according to a public filing on Sept. 10). It appears from various reports that the injuries and deaths which resulted were preventable. In order to protect their rights, residents of San Bruno and those impacted by this PG&E gas line explosion should seek representation from a law firm that specializes in representing victims of fire damage.

For more than 10 uears, the Brod Law Firm has represented individuals and families injured in fires and has successfully prosecuted fire claims. Our firm will represent individuals and families in claims or injury and property loss resulting from the PG&E gas line explosion. Whether you have been injured, have sustained the loss of a family member, your home, your possessions or were injured in the San Bruno PG&E gas line explosion, our firm is here to help. If you have questions about any fire burn injury lawsuit or property claim, please call us.

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