San Francisco – Oakland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer comments re: “greasing” of elderly

Several elderly patients at Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility in Ukiah, California were covered with a greasy, ointment cream by nursing home staff as part of an apparent “prank”. The patient-victims suffered from dementia, and were unable to protest about the way they were treated. Six former employees of Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility were arrested, and California Attorney General Jerry Brown called the alleged abuse of the elderly patients “despicable behavior.” The former employees are being charged by Mendocino County with misdemeanor counts of an injury to an elder or dependent adult; battery committed on elder or a dependent adult; conspiracy; and battery committed while on hospital property. In addition to the criminal charges against the nursing home staff, the California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act provides a civil remedy for those who have been a victim of this kind of physical abuse.

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