San Francisco Taxi Cab Accidnet Attorney Comments on Taxi-Limousine Collision

According to, six people were injured at around 2am on Sunday Morning after a taxi cab and limousine collided in an intersection near Nob Hill. After they collided, the limousine struck and shattered the bottom sleeve of a nearby light post. Two pedestrians were hit with the debris. Four victims were transported to San Francisco General Hospital and two victims were transported to St. Francisco Memorial Hospital-all were diagnosed with non-life threatening injuries. At the moment, it is unknown how many of the victims were passengers, drivers or pedestrians. Witnesses have reported that the collision may have been the result of one of the vehicles running a red light.

Sadly, accidents like this are not surprising. Taxi drivers in san Francisco are notorious for driving over the speed limit, pushing the time allowed to cross at a yellow light, changing lanes without checking over their shoulder-and generally placing passengers in danger. On the flip side of that is the unfortunate fact that passengers don’t always think top buckle up, nor are they encouraged by drivers to do so. The combination of all these factors makes for a disaster in waiting.

Despite taxi driver reputation, San Francisco taxi companies are common carriers, which means they are under obligation to provide a certain standard of care, what is referred to as “the highest duty of care.” As a passenger, you want any taxi you use to abide by this and adhere to this standard, since any time you get into a taxi, or any motorvehicle, there is the potential for an accident to happen. Taxis must be in safe and in good working order, and seat belts must properly function. Drivers of taxis must be familiar with city streets, obey all speed limits, and comply with right of way and traffic light rules. As for limousines, most people don’t know that limousines are not officially licensed taxis. They may or may not have insurance. You can tell when a limo is licensed and compliant with Public Utilities Commission Insurance requirements, as they will have a “TCP” number on the front and rear bumpers.

The most important thing to do after a taxi cab or limousine accident is to not sign anything, as you may be tricked into signing release of liability. If you or a loved one suffered an injury due taxi driver negligence, contact our firm and have our attorney look over your documents. We have over 10 years experience helping victims of taxi cab accidents, and we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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