San Francisco-Oakland Bicycle Attorney Comments on Masonic Street Changes

Last week a pedestrian was struck while jogging through an intersection at Masonic and Grove. She survived the accident, but the driver managed to break her leg as he slammed into her after running a red light. The accident is one of several that have occurred on Masonic recently. As a result, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has installed a number of traffic calming measures on Masonic over the past nine months, and additional steps are supposed to be implemented over the next few months. Some of the steps include re-striping badly faded travel lanes, painting directions for motorists to merge where a number of lanes on Masonic change, and painting 25mph on the street surfaces. The MTA has also proposed removing parking spaces and installing separated bike lanes, bike lanes that would be from either a raised curb or soft-hit posts. In addition to all of that, North of the Panhandle Neighborhood Association has officially endorsed, along with the SF Bike Coalition and the community grout Fix Masonic, the Boulevard Option for Masonic avenue, which proposes to turn Masonic Avenue into beautiful tree-lined, safe boulevard. The project would plant 200 trees along the boulevard, improve the sidewalks, paint bike lanes green, and create bulb-outs to allow safer and easier crossing at intersections for pedestrians.

These changes are much needed on Masonic, as the current layout of the street and the many vehicles that travel at high speeds make it frightening for pedestrians and cyclists. Because Masonic is flat and moves north to south between height and the Presidio, it is a main thoroughfare for many pedestrians and cyclists, all of whom should not have to worry about becoming another statistic. But that the worrying will be over soon, and we can all thank the consorted efforts of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Fix Masonic for pushing the SF Municipal Transportation Agency to move ahead with plans aimed at calming one of the busiest and most dangerous streets in San Francisco. If you have suffered an injury while biking or walking in San Francisco, please contact our firm. We have over 10 years experience successfully settling claims for cyclists and pedestrians.

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