San Francisco-Oakland Injury Attorney Comments on Crane Truck Accident

Last Friday, a driver of a crane truck on 2nd Street and Townsend struck a 72-year-old woman walking in the crosswalk, according to The accident occurred at 8:58am in front of San Francisco Fire Department’s headquarters, and even though multiple emergency medical technicians were on the scene immediately after the woman was struck, they were unable to save her life. The truck that struck her belongs to Sheedy Drayage Company, but there is no available information about the driver yet. Lt. Mindy Talmadge, San Francisco Fire Department’s spokesperson, said that the driver of the crane truck is extremely distraught. No one was placed in custody or under arrest at the time of the accident, as the matter remained under investigation. Ultimately, as in any case such as this, it will be up to the district attorney if any charges are filed. Already three seniors have died on San Francisco’s street this year– unfortunate events that should prompt the city to get going on pedestrian safety improvements.

Truck accident litigation is complex. When a commercial truck is involved in an accident that results in injury or death, a number of issues must be taken into consideration in order to determine the possible liable parties for an accident. For instance, if a distracted or drowsy driving were a factor, both the truck driver and their employer could be held liable for the results of the injury accident. At the same time, however, other issues may have also been factors that may not have been known at the time of the accident. Typically, under these circumstances, a third party investigation is conducted in to find other possible causes for the accident so that the liable parties can be discovered and held accountable for their negligent behavior. Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, a trucking company is responsible for just about every act of their truck drivers. To determine who is responsible, it is important to retain the representation of an experienced injury accident attorney. Here at the Brod Law Firm, we have over 10 years experience handling injury accident claims arising from collisions involving different types of vehicles. If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a collision with a truck, please contact our firm today.

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