San Francisco-Oakland Injury Attorney Comments on High Risk Pipelines in the Bay Area

According to the Oakland Tribune, PG&E plans to release a list of 100 high-risk natural gas pipelines and has already stated that two of those lines are in the northern part of San Jose. One pipeline is located near the intersection of the Tasman Drive and North First Street and another near the city’s border with Milpitas. PG&E does plan to upgrade the street section at Tasman and First, but it is still unclear to what degree the cities should be concerned regarding locations of the high-risk pipelines. PG&E released the information about the pipelines to San Jose and Milpitas before releasing the it to the California Public Utility Commission, but both cities are still uncertain as to what needs to be done about the matter. However, they are planning a meeting with Milpitas concerning what action needs to be taken. PG&E had previously publicly disclosed a list of pipelines that were deemed a problem, but, like the San Jose and Milpitas situation, it is unclear which area of pipe should be considered a maintenance priority, and which should not. Here at the Brod Law Firm, all this new information inspires little confidence, especially considering the fact that San Bruno was not on that previous list. We do hope, however, that the disaster will save lives by forcing government to create new regulations about pipeline safety.

If you have been injured, have sustained the loss of a family member, your home, your possessions or were injured in the San Bruno PG&E gas line explosion, our firm and fire are here to help. The Brod Law Firm has successfully prosecuted explosion and fires claims under similar circumstances in the past and has represented individuals and families injured in fires for more than 10 years. The Brod Law Firm will represent individuals and families in claims or injury and property loss resulting from the PG&E gas line explosion. If you have questions about any fire burn injury lawsuit or property claim, please call us.

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