Toxic tort attorney addresses water contamination caused by fracking

In the United States, we have a serious energy crisis, and natural gas is an important resource, and the cleanest of the fossil fuels. In recent years, exploration methods have enabled natural gas to be released from shale, a sedimentary rock. David Brooks wrote an article for the New York Times, entitled “The Shale Revolution”, reporting that natural gas from shale comprised of approximately 1% of all natural gas supply in the United States in the year 2000. By 2011, the amount of natural gas from shale in our country had reached 30% (though the Association of California Water Agencies suggests the number is 15%). “Fracking”, which I have wrote about in previous blog entries, is a method used to release natural gas from the shale by pumping water and chemicals into the subsurface, in an attempt to release the gas.

There has been no universal determination that the process of fracking is inherently dangerous, however there are instances where contamination can occur, particularly with regards to drinking water supply. The need to obtain precious natural resources must be balanced with the strongest concern for public safety. If your town, municipality, district or city is in a reasonable proximity from where fracking is taking place, and you have experienced water contamination, please do not hesitate to call us. Our attorneys fight for people who have been affected by toxic torts, including water contamination, and the initial consultation is always free.

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