Vallejo Accident Reminds Residents of the Importance of Exercising Caution as Drivers Age

As your Oakland automobile accident attorneys, the Brod Law Firm team knows that many factors go into an automobile accident. Impaired or distracted drivers, aggressive maneuvering and poor road conditions can all increase the chance of a tragic outcome. Our Oakland car accident lawyer knows that one of the most complicated and sensitive factors in automobile accidents in the age of the driver. While age affects each individual differently, advancing years can impact reflexes and otherwise impair driving skills resulting in an increased danger of an inadvertent collision.

This week, The Vallejo Times-Herald reported on a car accident that may have age-related roots. In this incident, an 80 year-old driver reported that his foot slipped off the brake and landed on the accelerator. The slip caused the pickup truck to crash into the Safeway store located at 122 Robbles Way. Thankfully, no one was hurt when the truck went through the glass doors, passed by the register lanes and ended up plowing through the aisles until stopping at the far end of the aisles. As of the time of the report, the driver (also unharmed) had not been cited by the police.

With a large population of aging individuals across the nation, concerns about elderly drivers are on the rise. In June 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association conducted a study of older drivers, based on data from 2002 to 2006. The study notes that, in many regards, seniors are often very safe drivers. Drivers over sixty are less likely to be involved in accidents involving alcohol or speeding. However, the study noted that drivers over seventy were more likely to be involved in accidents than their younger counterparts when faced with complex driving situations. This category includes tasks such as making left turns, navigating intersections, or responding to an imminent collision. The study noted this danger increased significantly at age seventy and was less prominent for drivers in their sixties. Drivers over seventy also had greater difficulty driving at dusk, in contrast to higher accident rates at dawn for younger drivers.

Declining health, slowing reflexes, and poor vision are among the many factors that can challenge older drivers. It is important that all drivers honestly assess their own driving ability regularly. It is also important that individuals consider whether aging loved ones may be a danger to themselves or to others on the road. Surrendering a driver’s license can be a difficult and emotional decision, but it is important to always put safety first.

Our Oakland accident legal team believes in prevention. Difficult decisions are sometimes necessary in order to avoid a dangerous collision. Working together as a society, we can work to reduce the number of harmful accidents in our region.

Prevention is key, but accidents remain a reality. If you are harmed in an Oakland automobile crash, please call to schedule a free consultation with the Brod Law Firm. We can help you pursue all sources of recovery that the law allows.

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