California Nursing Home Abuse Verdict

California’s Elder Abuse and Dependant Adult Civil Protection Act (the “Act”) is relatively new legislation, which was intended to protect the abuse of an elder or a dependent adult. The abuse can be physical or financial, and may be evident in a case of neglect, abandonment, isolation or abduction. As cases of elder abuse become reported, the Act helps to provide a way in which violations can be addressed, extreme wrongdoers can be punished, ideally to prevent others from becoming victims of elder abuse.

In Humboldt County, a jury awarded a verdict of nearly $619 million based upon health code violations against Skilled Healthcare, one of the largest nursing chains in the United States. The verdict did not include punitive damages, which were to be decided at a later time. The class action lawsuit involved approximately 32,000 patients. The facilities involved with the health code violations were: Eureka Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, LLC; Granada Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, LLC; Pacific Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, LLC; Seaview Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, LLC; and St. Luke Heathcare and Rehabilitation, LLC .

Ideally, jury verdicts like the recent one in Humboldt County will send a message to nursing facilities across California and the rest of the country. If you abuse elderly or dependent citizens, you will pay. If you or an elderly member of your family has been the victim of ) Financial Abuse; 2) Physical Abuse and Neglect; and 3) Abduction, please call the Brod Law Firm, P.C. for a free consultation.

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