Child Sexual Abuse and the Role of the Civil Courts

We wouldn’t trade our role in the justice system – that of a plaintiffs’ law firm – for anything.  While we are very honored to be chosen to represent our clients, we know that the very nature of our practice means we often see people when they are facing some of the very worst days of their lives.  In this respect, few (if any) of our cases are as difficult to hear about as those involving child sexual abuse.  We know that these are very sensitive matters and are absolutely heart-wrenching for the victims and their families.  We take our clients’ trust seriously, especially when we are serving child victims (whether in childhood or as adults), and are committed to providing the very best of legal representation in our work as your San Francisco child sexual abuse victim’s law firm.

Dental Assistant Charged with Molesting Multiple Young Girls

Last weekend, as reported by KRON 4, Concord police arrested a local dental assistant after multiple reports that he molested young girls.  The first reported incident allegedly involved the 24-year-old man touching and photographing the an 8-year-old girl’s vaginal region while she was under sedation in the exam room of the dental clinic.  Since the man’s arrest, two more females under age 10 have come forwards with similar allegations.  The charges are only allegations and remain under investigation, but officials fear that there may be more victims who were sexually abused while sedated with medical gas.  The dental assistant was booked and held on over $8 million bail and has thus far been charged with eight counts of forcible lewd acts involving a child and an additional count of child pornography.

The Disturbing Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse

teddyAccording to a fact sheet entitled “Child Sexual Abuse Statistics: The Magnitude of the Problem” by Darkness to Light (“D2L”), a national campaign aimed at educating the public about child sexual abuse, 1 in 10 children will sexually abused before age 18.  This includes approximately 1 in 7 girls and 1 in 25 boys.  Put another way, barring dramatic change, around 400,000 children who are born this year alone will become the victims of sexual assault before their 18th birthday.  Sadly, these numbers may even underestimate the problem because less than 40% of child victims report the abuse and some never speak up, even as adults.  D2L reports that child sexual abuse “is likely the most prevalent health problem children face with the most serious array of consequences.”

The Path to Healing and the Role of Our Civil Law Firm

The path to healing is a hard one, both for child victims and for the adults who love them.  There are many components to this journey.  We believe justice can be an important part of this process.  In the United States, the judicial system is divided into two distinct parts: Criminal and Civil.  Victims of child sexual abuse have the right to BOTH.  In criminal court, the government brings charges against the alleged perpetrator for violating the criminal law.  Penalties can include fines, jail sentences, or other restrictions on the defendant’s liberty.  In civil court, it is the victims who bring the charges.  Most often, a finding of liability results in the defendant owing money compensation to the victim.  In some cases, an individual or an organization may also be held liable for turning a blind eye to child abuse.

If you or a child you love has been the victim of child sexual abuse, we urge you to get help.  There are excellent groups that can provide both medical and psychological support.  As a Northern California child sexual abuse law firm, we can help victims obtain justice in the civil courts.  This justice can provide a huge emotional benefit and can also provide the financial means that can allow for further healing.

Please call.  We would be honored to help you fight for justice.

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