Choosing a Law Firm for Your Small Business Needs

The team at the Brod Law Firm is proud to serve our local business community. As a law firm for small businesses in San Francisco, we know that selecting legal representation is an important decision. Many Northern California small business owners wonder whether a small firm can represent their company as well as a large firm with offices nationwide. We firmly believe that a small law firm is the best option when seeking representation for your company. Here are some reasons:

No Minimum Hour Commitment
Some law firms will only accept business clients that guarantee a certain level of legal fees annually. At The Brod Law Firm, we have no such policy. Likewise, large firms may focus their attention on larger-scale clients that are more likely to have frequent legal needs while treating smaller companies as second-class. We value our small business clients and give every business we work with the highest caliber service, regardless of how frequently they need our services. Small business clients are a priority, not an afterthought.

Flexible billing
Big firms often have set hourly fees for work. As a small firm, The Brod Law Firm can work with you to craft a billing structure that makes sense for your needs. Billing can be tailored to the client and the specific legal project. We know every dollar matters in a small business and we will work with you to ensure that legal fees fit your company’s budget. We will be a value-added part of your business rather than a hefty, pre-determined expense.

Experienced Legal Service
When you engage our law firm, your legal work will be handled by a seasoned lawyer. Our support team is an invaluable part of the firm but the actual legal work is done by an attorney with over fifteen years of experience representing clients in California. At a big firm, clients often communicate with a partner but have their legal work farmed out to a junior attorney who is learning on the job. At The Brod Law Firm, you are getting the experienced legal counsel you deserve.

Big-Picture Outlook
At large firms, different issues are handled by different attorneys. You may have one attorney handling a dispute with your materials supplier, a different attorney drafting a property lease agreement, and a third handling a potential claim by a former salesperson. This division means none of the lawyers is really focused on the big picture. It also means a duplication of work as each attorney learns the basics of your company operations. In contrast, working with our small firm ensures that your legal counsel is always focused on the full picture and knows what makes sense for your unique business organization.

Less overhead, more efficiency
Big firms tend to mean big bills. Large firms have to cover a myriad of extra expenses including leasing several floors in a high-rent building, employing dozens of support personnel, training new employees, and maintaining hundreds of computers and a myriad of other pieces of office equipment. As a small firm, our office operates leanly. We are able to offer lower fees because we have less overhead.

Commitment to community as fellow businessperson
Finally, a small firm understands small businesses for a simple reason – we are a small business too. We understand the concerns of small businesses and we share your commitment to serving the Northern California community.

If you are a small business owner in Northern California, please contact The Brod Law Firm to talk about how we can work with you to bring you high-quality, cost-conscious legal services.

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