Cyclists using Gopro or other helmet cameras can help document accidents caused by negligent drivers

I have seen many cyclists on the streets of San Francisco wearing cameras on their helmets (most likely the Gopro). Of course a helmet camera seems like a great piece of technology to record beautiful or interesting scenery, but I expect that one reason these cameras are appearing on city cyclists more often, is to document what actually happens in the event of a bike crash, though I’ve certainly not taken a poll. I have helped many, many cyclists who have been injured on the streets of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, by careless drivers, and it extremely rare that any video can be found that documents an actual accident. During the claims process, and during a lawsuit, the fault of a bike versus car collision is regularly at issue, and bike riders must face an unfair prejudice that the cyclist was the cause of the crash. When a helmet cam records exactly what happened in a collision, at the very least, the cyclist is protected from any attempt to distort the truth. I’ve even found instructional videos on, describing how to mount the camera to a bike helmet, which apparently will not shake or cause the rider any discomfort.
In addition to documenting a bike v. car crash, I hope and expect that the use of helmet cam technology will result in fewer bike collisions in the streets of our cities. Though I was unable to find any statistics, I expect that similar to the use of bike helmets, lights, and even seatbelts for auto passengers, a defensive mindset is a good start to help avoid accidents on the roadway. As any bike rider in a major city knows, one must ride defensively, and some collisions cannot be avoided, entirely, but it’s all about reducing your odds of being involved in a crash. Even in instances of road rage, which cyclists can occasionally be the victim of, perhaps an irate driver will think twice about foolish actions if they know they’re being recorded. If the use of helmet cams prevent even one bike accident, their use should be applauded and encouraged.

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