Fiery San Francisco Truck Accident on 101 Closes Road Wednesday Morning

car%20fire.jpgTraffic is a part of life for those of us who live in a dense urban area. In addition to be annoying and frustrating for those who are stuck in it, as our San Francisco car accident attorney knows, it can often be a symptom of a much more serious problem. The gridlock encountered by many who were driving on the 101 on Wednesday morning was a sad reminder that traffic can be more than just a headache for drivers – it can mean a serious injury or loss of life for those involved in the traffic-causing accident.

As the San Francisco Gate reported, all southbound lanes of 101 were closed for several hours Wednesday morning due to a fiery crash. The accident occurred around 5 am, when big-rig carrying cement overturned and caught fire. Several other cars were involved in the accident. One woman who was forced to stop pulled the truck driver out of the vehicle. The truck driver was then taken to San Francisco General Hospital. His condition is currently unknown. It is also unclear if any other drivers were harmed.

Before the highway was reopened, officials had to ensure that all debris had been cleared and that the road was structurally sound. This entailed removing the truck from the road and cleaning up all spilled fuel. In addition, Caltrans engineers were brought in to inspect the elevated freeway and guardrails before the traffic was allowed on the road.

In accidents like this, it is not always clear who is at fault, but those involved can benefit from seeking advice from a San Francisco truck accident lawyer. Investigations can take time and victims may not initially have enough information to determine if a negligence suit is appropriate. But experienced truck crash attorneys know that depending on the nature of items being transported, and what occurred, a variety of liability theories are possible.

For example, if a truck crashes which was carrying certain material, an ultra hazardous activity suit may be appropriate. Ultra hazardous activity liability differs from a negligence liability in that the level of care does not matter. In order to find a breach of duty in a negligence claim, the plaintiff must show that the defendant did not take the proper precautions. In contrast, in an ultra hazardous activity claim, the level of care taken is immaterial. No matter how careful the defendant was, if explosives, radioactive materials or wild animals were involved, the defendant can be strictly liable. For example, imagine the case of a truck driver transporting explosives. If the truck is rear-ended and catches fire, the driver may still responsible for the damages, even if he was not responsible for causing the accident, because the activity of transporting explosives is so dangerous.

Most accidents do not involve an ultra hazardous activity. But at the Brod Law Firm, our San Francisco truck accident attorneys can examine the facts of any incident on the roadway and determine what legal theories might apply. If you or someone you know was injured in a San Francisco car accident, contact our office.

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