Is Bicycle Insurance Available in California for Accidents?

1389108_cycle.jpg Bicycling is a great way to commute around town. It allows riders to get in some exercise and has the advantage of alleviating traffic and pollution. However, bicyclists share the road with motorized vehicles of all sizes and are subject to the same traffic rules. Bicyclists are also subject to the same dangers on the road as other vehicles, yet while insurance is required for automobiles, no such requirement exists for bicycles.

Therefore, both avid and casual bicyclists might be asking themselves when and how they are covered by insurance policies in the event they are involved in an accident. For now, comprehensive insurance that is specifically tailored for bicyclists is limited. However, there are a couple of options out there for commuters that want total peace of mind. In California, the Irvine based company Spoke Bicycle Insurance specializes in providing auto like insurance for bicyclists, including liability insurance and uninsured motorist’s protection. They also offer extra options for medical payments and roadside assistance. Spoke currently offers insurance to bicyclists in eight states, including its home base of California, and it would like to expand its services to all fifty states. The Portland based Better World Club offers liability insurance for bicyclists and other coverage options either in conjunction with or completely separately from its auto insurance plans. Better World Club offers coverage nationwide.

Bicyclist specific insurance may be especially desirable in the case where a commuter does not own any other vehicles. However, before seeking out an insurance policy, bicyclists should evaluate any current insurance policies to see whether they may already be covered. For instance, a bicyclist that does not own a car may still be covered in some circumstances if they have home or renter’s insurance– and not just for bicycle theft. Many such policies include personal liability coverage for injuries caused to others on or off their residence. In the case of a bicyclist who hits a pedestrian, their personal liability could be covered up to their policy limits by their home/renter’s insurance policy. It is of course important to be aware of what the limits of the policy are and to determine if additional coverage through an inexpensive umbrella policy may be warranted.

However, personal liability insurance that is available as part of a home/renter’s insurance policy will only cover injuries to the other person in the event of an accident. Bicyclists that also own a car may want to review their auto insurance policy to get the most out of their coverage when traveling by bike too. As an example, uninsured motorist’s coverage not only covers injury victims who were struck by an uninsured motorist while driving their car, but also when bicycling or walking. Once again, it is important to review your current policy and discuss it with your provider to see what is and what is not covered.

Insurance provides welcome peace of mind for travelers making use of varied means of transportation. If you have been injured in a car or bicycle accident and would like more information on how you may recover damages, please contact the Brod Law Firm today for a free consultation. We have over eleven years of personal injury experience of all kinds.

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