It’s National Bike Month, San Francisco!

Hey, readers! The earth needs you! And what a great way to help the environment by riding your bike to work, to school, to the gym, the grocery store, or where ever your heart desires. Maneuvering your way thru traffic might be a nightmare at first, but it is good lesson in getting along with others. If you don’t have a bike, try borrowing one from a friend for one day and see how much faster it is getting around the congested city streets during rush hour. And if you are reluctant to bike to work because you are worried about arriving to work sweaty, don’t worry, the solution is found in a package of handy wipes. The first time you try biking to work you probably will notice a change in your mood upon arriving to work-you will probably arrive happy–as bicycling alleviates stress and releases endorphins (imagine that!). And if you look around the office at your coworkers on the day you bike to work, you will also notice that you are more relaxed, refreshed and productive than they are. The pleasure and satisfaction attained from riding to work might convince you to make cycling your preferred mode of transportation.

For many reasons, the bicycle is the vehicle of the future. It definitely has a competitive edge over driving a car or riding the bus: it’s efficient, it’s economical, and it’s healthy and, most importantly, it’s plain old fun. Also the bicycle is the simplest and most pleasure inducing way to get healthier while saving our environment and reconnecting with the community. The more we bicycle, the smaller our carbon footprint. Autos are the single largest source of us air pollution. Statistics show short trips are up to three times more polluting per mile than long trips. Moreover, choosing to bike to work or to the store will slash your fuel expenses. It also saves you on parking fees, parking tickets, auto insurance, auto maintenance costs, and transit fares. The physical side effects are also a big positive, as it enhances your overall fitness, minimizes your risk of coronary heart disease and helps build stamina. The best thing is it helps you look great –just a few miles of cycling per day assure trimmer and toned muscle. What better time than National bike month to start biking and start a new way of life. Here at the Brod Law Firm, we think everyone should give cycling a try, especially here in San Francisco. With all cutbacks to public transportation and the budget problems MUNI facing, public transportation riders might have to start rethinking how they get around. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is the best place to go to learn about navigating your way through in the city. They offer classes and other tools that will help you minimize your risk of being involving in an injury accident.

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