Lack of Money Should Not Deter You from Pursuing an Injury Claim

In San Francisco last week, SF StreetsBlog SF StreetsBlog reported that a bike and a car collided after both made a right hand turn. According to the report, the bicyclist, Ian Long, claimed the driver of the car was following aggressively behind him and swung to make the right turn around him, then slammed on his brakes making the bicyclist crash into him. The bicyclist sustained injuries to his hands. However, when asked if he might bring legal action he responded that he did not have sufficient funds for a lawyer.

Brod Law Firm takes injury and product liability cases on a contingency fee basis. Because we work on contingency, if we do not recover monetary damages for you, you do not owe us any legal fees. Contingency fees allow greater access to the legal system to those who otherwise could not afford it. The Brod Law Firm takes pride in offering an ethical and reasonable fee agreement to help its clients navigate courts and legal processes. Brod Law Firm works tirelessly to get the best settlement or judgment possible for every one of its clients. We specialize in vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, construction accidents, elder abuse, dog bites, product liability, toxic torts as well as other tort claims.

Injury victims face a strenuous ordeal and some may think a personal injury case may be more trouble than it is worth after already dealing with so much pain and hassle. However, Brod Law Firm works hard for you, so you can move on from the traumatic incident which caused you harm. We give personalized legal services to our clients and use our experience and energy to move cases forward to a quick resolution. As the case progresses, we communicate updates to our clients without barraging them with the stresses of a lawsuit.

The Brod Law Firm is dedicated to negotiating the legal system for you to get compensation for medical expenses, other costs, and pain and suffering resulting from a serious injury caused by a third party. Please call the Brod Law Firm today for a free consultation. The Brod Law Firm serves communities all over the Greater Bay Area, Sacramento, and surrounding regions.

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