Oakland-San Francisco Attorney Comments on FDA Warning

This week Kellogg Corporation was issued a warning letter by the Food and Drug Administration after the agency found some serious health violations-the pooling of water, wet insulation, and Listeria–at the Augusta, Georgia plant during their inspection back in February. The FDA said that out of all of the samples it took, 15 tested positive for the dangerous Listeria pathogen, 7 of which were taken from locations with direct food contact. The FDA’s warning letter did not state that food from Kellogg plant was contaminated, yet it did state that the positive Listeria testing pointed to unsanitary conditions and that those conditions could cause food contamination. The warning letter also states that FDA inspectors discovered over 100 flies at the plant and pointed out that Listeria was discovered along the production line that has direct contact with food. Kellogg has promised to remove pipes to control the dirpping problem and to use pressurized aerosol insecticide on the flies. The FDA will determine during its next inspection whether the remedies used by Kellogg are sufficient. The FDA said Kellogg had 15 working days following receipt of the letter to provide documentation outlining what it plans to do to correct the violations.

Sadly, this is not the first time Kellogg has faced such issues. The bakery in Augusta was found to have faulty ingredient storage practices after an inspection by the FDA in January of 2010. During the same year, Kellogg issued a massive recall of cereal due to an unusual waxy flavor and smell. Also, a recall was issued in 2009 for some Keebler cookies and Special K protein bars. It should be pointed out that eating food contaminated with bacterium listeria monocytogenes can cause a dangerous infection called listeriosis, according the Centers for Disease Control. Symptoms may include diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms, such as fever, muscle aches, stiff neck, confusion and convulsions. It is estimated that 1,600 people become seriously ill with listeriosis each year and around 260 succumb to the infection.

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