Oakland-San Francisco Elder Abuse Attorney Comments on Rampant Abuse in Group Homes

According to the New York of Times, New York State is the operator of 2,000 group homes, which means that the state is responsible to care and protect about 10,000 residents with severe physical and mental disabilities. The Times claims the state is not doing its job and that group home abuse is running rampant. The conditions were documented by the New York Times and are described as appalling, and they are representative of the worst scandal Albany has seen in recent times. For example, a supervisor in an upstate home was discovered sexually abusing disabled female patient. Even though he was arrested and charged with rape, he was never fired. Improper screening for criminal backgrounds, drug abuse or psychological fitness, as we have been saying for a while, is to blame for lack of action by different groups that are supposed to help ensure quality care for the elderly and handicapped, such as the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and the Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons With Disabilities.

Several cases of elder abuse across the country have led to nursing and group home probes, lawsuits, and closures. There is no question that caring for the elderly is extremely stressful. But the problems begin when care workers, many of whom have inadequate training, abuse patients and then blame everyone else for their troubles. In addition to that most homes are understaffed and supervisors do not stay beyond the regular workweek hours. And sometimes employees are warned to keep quiet about episodes in order to avoid governmental investigations, which make it nearly impossible to bring change to the dysfunctional culture of abuse or hold individuals accountable.

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