San Francisco-Oakland Car Accident Attorney Comments on a Case of Road Rage in San Francisco

According to SFWeekly, a speeding driver suffering from a bout of road rage beat a woman and her boyfriend walking through the Excelsior neighborhood earlier this week. Early that morning, the couple was walking across the street at Persia Avenue and Madrid Street when a driver speeding in a green car sped passed them. The woman looked at the driver and yelled out “whoa.” Then the driver made a U-turn, stopped the car, got out, and started beating the woman. The passenger of the car also jumped in on the attack and began punching the woman. The victim’s boyfriend tried to help her, but the men punched him and broke his nose. Both suspects got back into the car and sped off. But the best part of the story is what happened next, an incident of sweet justice that underlines the fact that many criminals are not so smart: one of the men left his driver’s license and DMV papers on the street where the beating occurred. Amazingly, at that moment, the couple still had their wits about them, and they were able to grab the papers and call the police, who were able to broadcast the name of one of the suspects. Both men were quickly found and arrested. The cops described the incident as “the best arrest of the day.”

The inability to handle anger, and/or deflect it, is usually the major factor behind road rage. More often than not, the typical road rager may be violent in other parts of his or her life, and exhibit one or all of the following personality traits—selfish, addicted to power, angry, and vindictive. But sometimes just the tension of a daily commute can turn a normally calm person into a road rager. Whatever the case may be, it is obvious that there is a need for anger management on the roads so that fewer drivers and pedestrians are victimized. Here at the Brod Law Firm, we heard many stories of car accidents that were either the direct or indirect result of road rage. If you or loved one suffered an injury due to a car accident, contact our firm for a free consultation today.

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