Roadway Safety Reminders from Your Oakland Accident Attorney as Families Give Thanks that No One is Seriously Injured in Horrific Pile-Up

With Christmas just days away, it seems like even more of a miracle that there was not a single serious injury from a terrifying multi-vehicle accident near the Bay Bridge late last week.  We have no doubt that many area families feel they have already received the best possible gift – the well-being of their loved ones.  As an Oakland accident law firm, we see the tragedy that can result from a car accident.  In addition to helping accident victims, we believe in accident prevention.  Today’s post looks at the recent Oakland story and provides advice for avoiding car accidents and keeping you, your loved ones, and those around you safe in the holiday season and all year long.

No Serious Injuries in Twelve Car Pile-Up Near Bay Bridge

According to ABC7, a twelve-vehicle crash occurred on I-880 near the approach to the Bay Bridge around 9:30 AM last Friday.  Looking at the pictures on ABC’s website, including horrific images of a big-rig resting on a red pickup truck and a picture of the red pickup after the big rig was finally moved, it is hard to believe that the pile-up did not cause a single serious injury.  The driver of that red pickup was trapped for a time and was checked out by doctors, but was back at home by Friday evening.  Overall, only two drivers incurred minor injuries in the pile-up.  Many of those involved shared stories that made the lack of serious injuries even more amazing, such as a father who originally planned to have his preschool-aged daughter in his vehicle but changed plans at the last minute, perhaps saving her life.

Witnesses report that the accident, notably the second crash in the Bay Bridge area that morning, may have been caused by excessive speed.  One driver told reporters that the white truck had been speeding along at 75 or 80 miles per hour when “[i]t just took a line of cars out like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

yellowSafe Driving Tips: Monitoring Your Behavior, Anticipating Other Driver’s Negligence

It is amazing that no one was hurt in Friday’s accident, but we wouldn’t recommend relying on luck to keep you safe.  Earlier this year, Safeco Insurance provided a list of three common accident scenarios along with advice for avoiding them.  The scenarios included distracted driving, impaired driving, and speeding.  Ultimately, Safeco’s advice for avoiding these three roadway dangers boils down to three simple statements: “Pay attention. Stay sober. Don’t speed.”

While those three statements center on one’s own behavior, we know that the many safe drivers are often imperiled by the few negligent drivers on the road.  Although aimed at truck drivers, transportation-industry provider Twin River Logistics warns of “five driving disasters” we all encounter.  Briefly, these include:

  • Texting Drivers – A modern temptation endangering the culprit and everyone else on the road, texting behind the wheel remains common despite laws against it.
  • Impatient Drivers – From speed demons to tailgaters to drivers who change lanes rapidly without signaling, these people act like the rules simply don’t apply to them.
  • Hungry Drivers – Far too many drivers simply can’t wait to get to their destination or are just too obsessed with multi-tasking that they consume a full meal behind the wheel (driving with their knees, of course, to free up their hands for that burger and shake!).
  • Oblivious Drivers – These drivers make you question the licensure requirements since it seems they never learned to check their mirrors or stay aware of their surroundings. Some ignorant drivers actually travel well below the speed limit which can be just as dangerous as speeding.
  • Scared and/or Too-Cautious Drivers – At the opposite extreme, these drivers can’t seem to handle the stress of driving. Anxiety and constant breaking are a different threat, but a threat just the same especially when the drivers startle easily or panic.

For all these drivers, the advice is essentially the same: Avoid them!  Let them pass and steer as clear from these neglectful drivers as possible.  You may be a few moments later, but you’ll get there alive.

Our Oakland Injury Law Firm

We are proud to help people injured in accidents recover compensation from those responsible for their injuries.  If you have been injured or lost a family member in a Northern California collision, call our Oakland car crash injury lawyer for help.  We will do our very best to advocate for you and will keep you informed as your claim proceeds.

Still, we continue to believe that the best accident is the one that never happens.  Sometimes people get lucky and walk away from horrific crashes, but all too often metal isn’t the only thing that fractures in a crash.  Please, stay safe.  The best present you can give family and friends is you!

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