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For most of us, hiring a good mechanic comes down to one crucial trait – trustworthiness.  Hiring the wrong mechanic can lead to financial losses, injuries, and even deaths.  Yet, according to one local news station, auto repair fraud is far too common and far too easy to cover-up.  As a San Francisco auto repair fraud injury law firm, we fight for those who simply made the wrong choice (an easy error to make) and who paid a steep price for lies told by so-called “experts” in cars and safety.

Auto Repair Fraud and Government’s Blind Eye Impacts Bay Area Family

Last Friday, NBC Bay Area told a frightening tale of a visit to the auto shop gone wrong.  Reporters spoke to a San Jose family who hired a local shop to make some repairs to their SUV.  After noticing strange noises upon steering after the shop worked on the vehicle, the family eventually learned that the shop’s employees had gone to great lengths to hide more than $11,000 worth of damage done to the SUV allegedly while in the store’s care.  Eventually, one employee broke ranks to tell the family that the SUV had crashed several feet off a mechanical lift.  The employee said managegaragement ordered them to fix the car as well as they could and return it to the family without saying a word about the incident.

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