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From the big yellow buses we put our children on each morning (image by Greg Goebel)to the city buses we ride in our daily commutes and the buses that let us tour a new city, we have a right to expect buses to be safe.  In addition to ensuring that the vehicles are functioning properly, bus companies should be held responsible for ensuring that their policies and practices encourage safe driving.  A recent study raises questions about whether a major bus company has been putting passengers at risk due to drowsy bus drivers.  With several high-profile bus accidents in our own region in recent years, this study is of great concern to our San Francisco bus accident lawyer.

CNN Investigation Suggests Bus Company Fails to Prevent Drowsy Driving

CNN recently looked into the safety practices of the Greyhound bus company, the largest bus company in North America that transports some 18 million passengers across approximately 5.5 billion miles each year.  The investigation was partly inspired by a 2013 accident that left one woman dead and many more injured.  Passengers on that tragic bus ride believe that their driver fell asleep at the wheel.  At least one pending lawsuit involving 22 of the passengers suggests that Greyhound is at fault for allowing a dangerously drowsy driver to operate a bus.  Greyhound denies that fatigue was a factor in that crash.

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