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It’s a common scene in action movies: A car is racing down the highway, perhaps engaged in a high-speed chase, when there’s a crash and the car explodes in a giant ball of fire.  Car fires make for a dramatic moment on film, but they are absolutely terrifying in real life.  Vehicle fires can have a wide range of causes and tragic consequences.  Oakland car fire lawyer Greg Brod works to get the victims of car fires compensation from those responsible.  His team can help uncover the cause of a car fire and use the law to recover money for the injured and/or the grieving.

Weekend Sees Two Oakland Police Vehicle Fires

As KPIX reported, car fires consumed two police vehicles over the most recent weekend.  Per the article, the first such incident occurred late Saturday when an Oakland officer was chasing a carjacking suspect on I-580 near the High Street exit.  In an attempt to avoid hitting another vehicle, the officer crashed into a pole.  His vehicle burst into flames but, thankfully, he was able to escape and his colleagues were able to capture the carjacking suspect.  A second police vehicle fire occurred on Sunday afternoon when two police cars crashed during a chase on 38th Avenue.

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