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To many, he represented the perfect father, loving his kids, his wife, and his work while solving every problem in 30 minutes flat.  However, recently the portrait presented by Bill Cosby in his television show and throughout his long career has taken a series of hits.  In this post, our San Francisco abuse victims’ law firm looks at a recent legal development in the Cosby saga and calls attention to California law on civil suits for sexual abuse.  We do not know whether Cosby is guilty, but we do know far too many young men and young women are victims of sexual abuse.  For these individuals, a civil sexual abuse lawsuit can provide critical emotional closure and also provide money damages that can be put towards psychological and other social services that can turn a victim into a survivor.

State Supreme Court Refuses to Upset Lower Court’s Ruling, Allows Suit to Proceed

helpLast month, Reuters announced that comedian Bill Cosby lost a bid to avoid a lawsuit based on allegations he sexually abused a 15 year-old in 1974.  The woman, now in her 50s and referred to herein as J.H., is one of more than 40 women who have accused the actor of rape or molestation.  Her lawsuit is one of at least four civil actions currently pending.  This case is, however, unique in that it seeks damages for the claimed assault itself while the other women are pursuing defamation actions saying Cosby falsely painted them as liars when he denied claimed assaults.

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