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We hear it even before we enter kindergarten: smoking is hazardous to your health.  Typically, this refers to the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals, but other hazards exist.  Cigarette fires are one of these dangers.  They are particularly worrisome in light of the dangerous conditions that have made fires a constant concern for Californians and therefore a constant concern for our legal team.  Our Santa Rosa burn injury attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to advocate for people wrongfully injured in fires sparked by cigarettes.  (Note: “Cigarette fires,” “smoking-material fires,” and similar phrases refer to fires caused by any form of smoking materials, but do not include fires sparked by lighting implements like matches or cigarette lighters.)

Tossed Cigarette Sparks Grass Fire

Last week, the Press Democrat reported on a fire that consumed a quarter-acre grass lot in Santa Rosa, a blaze investigators blame on a tossed cigarette.  The fire occurred shortly before 7 P.M. on Tuesday September 8 near Santa Rosa Avenue and East Robles Avenue.  Thankfully, firefighters quickly gained control, stopping flames just 50 feet from a business.

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