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Some time ago, a video made the rounds of in-boxes and television newsmagazines in which a driver pulled up close behind a vehicle being towed and woke his passenger up shouting, pretending they were staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck.  While many found the prank funny, our Northern California car accident law firm couldn’t help but think of the real nightmare of head-on wrong-way crashes.  Although relatively uncommon, wrong-way accidents are more likely to cause death or serious injury than an average collision.  We help the victims of these terrible crashes, those who saw real headlights approaching and the families whose loved ones final moments may have been marked by that terrible image.

Three Dead in Sacramento Wrong-Way Crash

A wrong way-crash claimed three lives in Sacramento not long after midnight on Tuesday April 12.  According to The Oakland Tribune, a 24 year-old Hayward man from and a 25 year-old South San Francisco man were killed when their vehicle was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup truck on I-80 near Madison Avenue.  Police say the truck was going the wrong direction in the highway’s fast lane at the time of the crash.  The driver of the pickup, identified only as a male as of the time of this writing, also died in the collision.

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