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768px-BikecultureincopenhagenAcross the country and around the world, more and more cities (such as Paris and Los Angeles, just to name two) are looking for ways to become more “bike friendly.” This is a trend that our Oakland bicycle accident law firm applauds and encourages. A city that encourages more bicyclists to take to the road can experience several benefits: Less wear and tear on roadways (which reduces the amount of money that must be spent to repair roadways), less congestion on roads that may not have been built to accommodate today’s volume of traffic, and less carbon emissions, not to mention a population that is generally healthier.

Two Ways to Encourage More Bicyclists

Traditionally, when a city decides to become more friendly to bicyclists the city creates new infrastructure specifically designed for bicyclists, like designated roadways. Some jurisdictions even create laws like California’s three-foot passing rule in an attempt to show bicyclists that they are welcome in the town. However, a new technique has been proposed to encourage more people to ride their bicycles in California and elsewhere: Permit them to disregard certain traffic laws.

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