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450px-Metrolink_Train_(2955742140)On Wednesday, September 7, a Metrolink train crashed into a truck that was on the tracks near Oxnard in Southern California. The pickup truck did not appear to have been stuck or stalled on the rails at the time of the crash, and investigators postulated that the driver of the truck had taken a wrong turn and traveled several dozen feet down the track before stopping the truck. The crash caused three double-decker Metrolink cars to overturn and two additional cars to derail. In all, approximately 50 people were injured in the accident.

Typical Injuries in a Train Crash

Train crashes can occur with terrible violence and can result in serious injuries depending on the unique facts of the crash. Overturned or derailed cars can throw individuals from their seats and into stationary objects such as other seats or the sides of the car. This can result in:

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