“T-Bone Crashes” – A Closer Look Following a Crash that Killed One, Injured Three

Imagine you are riding in the passenger seat of a motor vehicle and you glance out your side window to see a pair of headlights bearing down upon you. You lock eyes with the driver, time stands still, and you share a moment of sheer terror. The phrase “t-bone crash” is a casual expression and one that belies the danger of side-impact collisions, a category of crashes that can be incredibly dangerous and result in multiple injuries or deaths. At the Brod Law Firm, our Sacramento car crash lawyer represents the victims of these terrifying accidents.

Fatal Side-Impact Crash in Rancho Cordova
A two-vehicle accident that occurred in Rancho Cordova on Sunday left one person dead and three others injured, as detailed in a short report by the Sacramento Bee. According to officials with the Rancho Cordova Police Department, the crash occurred at approximately 3:45 P.M. at the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Douglas Road. An SUV heading north on Sunrise Boulevard struck the passenger side of a sedan traveling east on Douglas Road before overturning from the force of the collision. The female occupant of the sedan’s passenger seat was pronounced dead at the crash scene. Emergency responders transported the sedan’s driver and both of the SUV’s occupants to area hospitals with injuries that were not expected to be life-threatening.

The Damage Done By Side-Impact Crashes
crashed.jpg Side-impact collisions, referred to colloquially as a “t-bone crashes,” can have serious consequences. In a discussion of side-impact protections, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that a vehicle’s side lacks the space and engineered crumple zones that help protect riders in front or rear collisions. Automobile manufacturers have made huge strides in side-impact safety including side-impact airbags (notably not regulated by the NHTSA because they are not required equipment, at least not yet) and the creation of side-impact vehicle ratings. However, side-oriented collisions are still responsible for a full quarter of vehicle occupant deaths across the country. Further, these crashes can cause a wide range of injuries including injuries to the legs, hips, torso, arms, head, and neck. The driver or other occupants of the vehicle that suffers the head-on impact can suffer injuries (including possible ejection-related injuries),

A Question of Fault
Determining who is at fault is always a critical part of any injury case. It is, sadly, not uncommon for both drivers to claim that they had the right-of-way. Evidence collection is not only the job of the police but also the job of the attorneys. Forms of evidence can include witness recollections, traffic light program information (which can prove which light was green if they can pinpoint the precise time), and the physical evidence left at the crash scene (ex. vehicles, skid marks/roadway evidence, tire treads). Beyond evidence for a civil claim against a driver, the evidence may suggest liability on behalf of a manufacturer, repair shop, or other party who bear responsibility for a mechanical problem that contributed to the collision.

If you were involved in a side impact collection (or lost a loved one in such a collision) and believe someone else was at fault, call an injury lawyer. The faster you obtain counsel, the better equipped your lawyer will be to uncover and preserve crucial evidence. Attorney Brod has served the community as a Sacramento car accident attorney for many years. Call to learn more about how we can help you..

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