Article Calls Attention to Danger to Cyclists on Valencia Street

As a member and supporter of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Attorney Greg Brod applauds those who make a commitment to commuting by bike. Our San Francisco bicycle accident attorney believes that Northern California must keep our region safe and accessible for people who opt to make their commutes healthy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly by traveling on two wheels instead of four. Safety efforts at all levels, from lawmakers to individual drivers, are vital to decreasing the number of bicycle accidents. Even the most cautious rider is at risk on the road, and a single-inattentive driver can take, or forever alter, a life.

Roadway Designed to Be Bicycle-Friendly Poses Numerous Threats to Bicycle Commuters
Sadly, as a report in the San Francisco Chronicle notes bicycle commuters often find themselves at war with auto traffic. This threat is pronounced on Valencia Street where cars are known to dart across the dedicated bike lane to grab a parking spot, forcing a rider to swerve into active traffic lanes.
In 1999, city officials in San Francisco eliminated two traffic lanes in order to add two bicycle lanes, as well as a series of turning lanes, and make Valencia Street a bicycle-friendly corridor. The move led to a marked uptick in bicycle traffic, but a threat to riders followed soon after when the area became a popular dinner destination and car traffic increased as well. While bicycle commuters still want to use the dedicated bike lanes and relatively flat roadway, they face danger from careless drivers who fail to observe the traffic restrictions. Riders also report having to avoid cars that double park thus blocking the bicycle lane and forcing the cyclist into traffic.

Bicycle advocates are pressing for traffic authorities to crack down on enforcement, reminding drivers of the importance of sharing the road. Currently, both parking control officers and traffic cops tend to give verbal warnings rather than issue citations. Bike groups are also asking the city to create separated bikeways along Valencia, similar to that already in place in Golden Gate Park. Leah Chahum, the executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, notes that basic white posts would be simple to install and would create full separation between car and bicycle traffic.

The Threat or Serious Injuries, The Promise of Serious Legal Services
Even the most experienced rider, one who properly obeys traffic rules and wears safety equipment, can fall victim to a careless driver, perhaps one who failed to check the mirror that would have shown the nearby rider. Bicycle accidents can lead to a myriad of injuries that range from minor bumps and bruises, to a more moderate injury like a broken limb, to accidents that are much more serious, even catastrophic, such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries. Of course, bicycle accidents can also lead to death.

Greg Brod supports bicycling as a sport and a mode of transit. Attorney Brod also supports riders as a lawyer for injured cyclists in San Francisco. If your accident stemmed from a negligent driver, we can help you bring suit in civil court to recover money damages. This compensation is especially crucial for those facing catastrophic injuries that will require life-long care. We can help you get it.

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