Gas Saving Tips From Your San Francisco Auto Accident Law Firm

In addition to being your San Francisco personal injury law firm, the team members at The Brod Law Firm are also proud Northern California residents. As members of the community, we share the concerns of our fellow communities. We hope this blog keeps you informed about legal matters, including matters related to San Francisco auto accidents and other developments in personal injury lawsuits in Northern California. We also hope this site helps you make smart choices in a tough economic time so that you have the peace of mind to enjoy all our region has to offer.

California has long been known for our driving-oriented culture. As a result, the increase in prices at the pump hits out region particularly hard. The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Sunday that the average price per gallon of gasoline nationwide has risen eleven cents in the past two weeks. Nationwide, the average price per gallon of regular grade fuel is $3.93. In California, the statewide average did fall a penny but remains significantly higher than the national average at $4.31 per gallon. Prices in Fresno are the lowest in the state while the Los Angeles area has California’s highest average price.

Fuel prices impact our residents directly and can also have a significant effect on the tourism industry. Here are some tips for making the most of your gas money:

• Travel at a consistent speed – Driving a steady speed, rather than accelerating and decelerating frequently, can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage.

• Use the air conditioner and windows wisely – At lower speeds, your gas mileage will be stronger if you open the windows instead of using the air conditioner. However, when you travel at highway speeds it is actually more efficient to use the air conditioner because opening the windows increases the drag on your vehicle, hampering fuel economy. Parking in a shaded area as summer approaches can also help you avoid the need to cool down your car.

• Avoid idling –There is a slight increase in fuel usage when you turn the car on, but idling uses more energy than the ignition. If you are going to be sitting for more than twenty seconds, such as when you pick up a child at school, turn off your car.

• Avoid excess weight — A heavier vehicle uses more gas. Avoid carrying around unnecessary items (but keep the spare tire and emergency supplies!).

• Keep up with vehicle maintenance – Regular maintenance, including keeping your tires properly inflated, not only helps avoid roadside emergencies but also maximizes gas mileage by ensuring your vehicle is running efficiently
• Do your research – Driving around to find the best priced fuel can be counterproductive. Use internet sources such as Gas Buddy ( to identify the best priced fuel in your area.

We hope these tips help you to save at the pump. Drive smart and drive safe. As always, if we can be of assistance in helping you receive vital compensation after a San Francisco car crash, please reach out to our team.

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