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chris-becker-781-copy-300x200Not every accident on the road involves a car or truck. Some collisions are between pedestrians and cyclists, particularly in cities where biking to and from work is common. San Francisco sees its fair share of pedestrian-cyclist collisions, which can lead to significant injuries for everyone involved. In September, a 24-year-old man on a bike collided with a teenage girl on Market Street. The girl was knocked unconscious and taken to a local hospital. The full extent of her injuries is unknown.

When individuals are injured in vehicle accidents, most know what to do next. Get a copy of the police report and file an insurance claim. If the accident is complex, the person calls an attorney. But what happens after a pedestrian-cyclist accident? If you were injured in this type of collision and you believe the other person was at fault, the best thing for you to do is contact our experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyers at Brod Law Firm. We will determine whether an insurance policy applies to your situation or whether you should move forward with a personal injury suit.

Possible Insurance Coverage

800px-Bryce_Lewis_memorialBicycling has been increasing in popularity, both as a mode of transportation and as a recreational activity. Along with more bicycles on the road comes an increased incidence of serious accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, IIHS HLDI, more than 700 people died as a result of bicycle accidents in the U.S. in 2014. Although this number is lower than the deaths that occurred in 2013, it still remains a relatively large number and a cause for concern.

Bicycle Fatality Statistics

The IIHS HLDI has been keeping data on bicycle accidents since 1975. According to the IIHS HLDI statistics, most of the bicycle fatalities, about 80%, occurred to riders who were not wearing helmets. The majority of accidents occurred in urban areas, and most of them happened in the hours between 6pm and 9pm. There has been an increase in the number of deaths of adults over the age of 20 and a decrease in children’s deaths over the last 40 years.

Oakland bicycle accident attorney Greg Brod has spent years advocating for bicyclists in court and as a member of multiple Bay Area bicycle associations.  In addition to helping injured bicycle riders obtain just compensation, he supports efforts to ensure bicycling is a safe and feasible transportation option for people in Oakland and throughout Northern California.  Bicycling is almost an ideal form of transportation, allowing people to travel farther and faster than they can on foot while saving money, protecting the environment, and obtaining the physical exercise that we all need.  Attorney Brod knows that ensuring bicycle safety as well as pedestrian safety helps ensure the safety of everyone who travels Bay Area roads.

Group Making Bicycling a Great Option in Albany

A group in Albany, California is working to make bicycling a convenient and safe option for residents and visitors to their town.  According to the Oakland Tribune, pedestrian and bicyclist advocacy group Albany Strollers & Rollers has installed a public air pump for riders.  The pump, along with a pump stop rack to hold the bike while the rider inflates the tires, is located near the California Bank & Trust at the corner of Solano and Santa Fe Avenues.  Input from the city, the group’s members, and the Solano Avenue Association was used to determine the location.  The group is also responsible for the colorful bike racks found in the city.  A representative told the paper that the pump was funded by a grant from Grizzly Peak Cyclists and money raised by offering bicycle “valet parking” during the Solano Stroll.

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