Encouraging Communities to Prioritize Bicycle Safety

Oakland bicycle accident attorney Greg Brod has spent years advocating for bicyclists in court and as a member of multiple Bay Area bicycle associations.  In addition to helping injured bicycle riders obtain just compensation, he supports efforts to ensure bicycling is a safe and feasible transportation option for people in Oakland and throughout Northern California.  Bicycling is almost an ideal form of transportation, allowing people to travel farther and faster than they can on foot while saving money, protecting the environment, and obtaining the physical exercise that we all need.  Attorney Brod knows that ensuring bicycle safety as well as pedestrian safety helps ensure the safety of everyone who travels Bay Area roads.

Group Making Bicycling a Great Option in Albany

A group in Albany, California is working to make bicycling a convenient and safe option for residents and visitors to their town.  According to the Oakland Tribune, pedestrian and bicyclist advocacy group Albany Strollers & Rollers has installed a public air pump for riders.  The pump, along with a pump stop rack to hold the bike while the rider inflates the tires, is located near the California Bank & Trust at the corner of Solano and Santa Fe Avenues.  Input from the city, the group’s members, and the Solano Avenue Association was used to determine the location.  The group is also responsible for the colorful bike racks found in the city.  A representative told the paper that the pump was funded by a grant from Grizzly Peak Cyclists and money raised by offering bicycle “valet parking” during the Solano Stroll.

US DOT Study Looks at Barriers to Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

In October, the U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) released a summary report detailing the results of a study aimed at enhancing bicycle and pedestrian safety nationwide.  Assessments conducted at 52 locations across the country sought to identify common safety challenges and help the diverse jurisdictions work together to provide solutions.  The majority of the issues identified by the study fell into two categories: physical barriers and institutional issues.  This report is one step in a coordinated effort to address these safety challenges.

sharetheroadWithin the category of physical barriers, the assessment identified several types of challenges.  Roadway design issues tended to reveal a preference for speeding along drivers rather than facilitating walking or cycling.  Specific design issues included: A lack of curb cuts; Large, multi-lane roads without safe passage for non-motorists; and Gaps in bicycle and pedestrian routes.  The study also expressed concerns about ensuring access for disabled individuals and ensuring pedestrian and bicycle routes link up to public transit.  Although this specific report focused on identifying issues rather than solutions, the DOT emphasized the importance of improving both facilities and signage.

The study also looked at institutional barriers, including the failure of transportation planning processes to adequately account for the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.  In some cases, these interests were only considered late in the process and became almost an afterthought added on after decisions had been made.  The DOT notes that a “complete streets” policy that integrates all transportation methods into the planning and design process is one way to address this problem.  Other institutional barriers discussed in the report include: Limited public engagement; Difficulty keeping up with changing communities; Funding problems; and a Lack of intergovernmental coordination.  Additionally, the study noted the importance of educating the public and enforcing safety rules.

Fighting for Riders in the Community and in the Courts

We applaud the efforts of groups like Albany Strollers & Rollers as well as the Department of Transportation and all those who participated in the recent study.  Bicycle safety and pedestrian safety must be part of our concept of public safety.  We are proud to support the San Francisco and Marin County Bicycle Coalitions as they work to keep our region safe.

If a serious bicycle accident injured you or someone you love, we can help you pursue your legal rights and fight for just compensation.  Contact our bicycle accident law firm in Santa Rosa, San Francisco, or Oakland to schedule a consultation with our experienced Northern California bicycle accident attorney.  There is no fee unless you recover money.

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