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Many people assume that personal injury law is a rather static field; after all, while the mode of injuries may change, injuries themselves are far from a new concept.  Nonetheless, injury law does indeed evolve.  As your San Francisco personal injury law firm, we work to stay informed about new legislation and updated interpretations of existing law.  Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court of California handed down a decision clarifying when a government entity can be held liable for injuries stemming from a dangerous condition of public property.   The ruling is important in itself and as a signal of California’s continued commitment to protecting her people.

Background: The Case & Rulings Below

magnoliaAccording to the court (decision available online), a woman was driving in Los Angeles when another driver veered into her vehicle.  The woman’s car spun out and crashed into a magnolia tree, one of several planted in the median about seven feet away from the inside lane.  The woman and three passengers, including two of her siblings (identified by the Metropolitan News-Enterprise as between 15 and 19 years old), were killed while a fourth passenger was badly injured.  Police arrested the other driver and he was later convicted of four counts of vehicular manslaughter without malice.

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