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aowellzmpzm-gor-davtyan-225x300As a renter, you have minimal control over your rental unit and you have almost no control over the entire building. You may pay your bills on time, yet that does not mean your landlord is in good financial standing. Like with individual homeowners, if a landlord is unable to pay the mortgage on the building, he or she can lose it to the lender through foreclosure. But what about your rights when your apartment building is foreclosed on? Will you be kicked out? The short answer is no, under San Francisco ordinance, you cannot be evicted simply because the lender or a new entity takes ownership of the building. If your landlord, the bank, or another party is trying to kick you out when you have a valid lease, contact a tenant rights attorney at Brod Law Firm immediately.

You are Protected from Eviction

Under Section 37.9D of the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, you are protected from foreclosure evictions. When the title of your apartment building reverts to a lender or mortgagee, they cannot simply tell you to leave.

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