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joshua-newton-13935-copy-300x200San Francisco is a popular place. People from all of the U.S. and the world flock there for the food, culture, and beautiful views. As a tenant with some extra space in San Francisco, you may consider renting out a bed, couch, or floor space on Airbnb or other similar website. You might figure you will give a traveler a homey and reasonably-priced place to stay while also helping yourself pay your considerable monthly rent. However, as a tenant in San Francisco, your right to rent out space in your unit may be limited. You need to be sure to follow state and local laws to ensure you do not get into trouble with your landlord.

San Francisco’s Airbnb Laws

The City of San Francisco specifically allows short-term rentals. This means that, in general, you may be entitled to rent out extra space on Airbnb or similar sites. However, while it is allowed, it is also regulated. You need to know your rights and responsibilities before hosting your space online.

A San Francisco Court of Appeal ruled that relocation assistance payments for tenants, increased by a 2015 law, were unlawful and pre-empted by the 1985 Ellis Act since they placed a “prohibitive” cost upon a landlord’s right to leave the rental industry. This is a disappointing decision for tenants who are kicked out of their buildings and have to find suitable housing in a challenging market. For tenants who were long-time residents of these buildings, the move may be particularly difficult since rents have increased drastically in San Francisco in recent years. It may not be possible to find an apartment of comparable size or within the area for the same price.

If you are being evicted and you are not sure it was lawful or you need relocation assistance, contact the San Francisco tenant rights lawyers of Brod Law Firm right away.

More on the Appellate Court’s Decision

ryan-franco-116991-300x200If you rent an apartment or house in California, then you should be aware of a few new laws that went into effect on January 1. These laws may affect your rights.

The Bed Bug Law, AB 551

This law is important since bed bugs continue to plague rental properties across the country. Bed bugs are more than annoying, their bites can cause severe allergic reactions in people. Unfortunately, bed bugs are not easy to get rid of and treatment is generally much more expensive than a tenant can afford. That is why this new law places the duty upon the landlord to promptly treat and control bed bugs once their presence is established.

aowellzmpzm-gor-davtyan-225x300As a renter, you have minimal control over your rental unit and you have almost no control over the entire building. You may pay your bills on time, yet that does not mean your landlord is in good financial standing. Like with individual homeowners, if a landlord is unable to pay the mortgage on the building, he or she can lose it to the lender through foreclosure. But what about your rights when your apartment building is foreclosed on? Will you be kicked out? The short answer is no, under San Francisco ordinance, you cannot be evicted simply because the lender or a new entity takes ownership of the building. If your landlord, the bank, or another party is trying to kick you out when you have a valid lease, contact a tenant rights attorney at Brod Law Firm immediately.

You are Protected from Eviction

Under Section 37.9D of the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, you are protected from foreclosure evictions. When the title of your apartment building reverts to a lender or mortgagee, they cannot simply tell you to leave.

High rents in San Francisco have been the topic of national news for some time now.  However, the problem does not magically end at the Bay Bridge. The cost of renting in the Bay Area is rising, including in Alameda where disputes over rent hikes led to violent protests late last week.  While we respect the right of people to protest peacefully, we are never in favor of violence and believe that disputes between landlords and tenants can and should be resolved in a peaceful manner.  As an San Francisco/Oakland tenants’ law firm, we use the law to fight for renters in Alameda, Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and throughout Northern California.

Protests in Alameda During Meeting on Rising Rents

On Thursday, according to the Oakland Tribune, crowds descended on Alameda’s City Hall, spilling out of Council Chambers into the hallway and lobby.  For a period, the meeting was put on hold because of the loud, chanting crowds.  Some protesters suggested that only landlords were being heard before the Council because they’d arrived early to claim all the seats in the chambers.  Two protesters were arrested, including one who seriously injured a municipal employee.

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