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High rents in San Francisco have been the topic of national news for some time now.  However, the problem does not magically end at the Bay Bridge. The cost of renting in the Bay Area is rising, including in Alameda where disputes over rent hikes led to violent protests late last week.  While we respect the right of people to protest peacefully, we are never in favor of violence and believe that disputes between landlords and tenants can and should be resolved in a peaceful manner.  As an San Francisco/Oakland tenants’ law firm, we use the law to fight for renters in Alameda, Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and throughout Northern California.

Protests in Alameda During Meeting on Rising Rents

On Thursday, according to the Oakland Tribune, crowds descended on Alameda’s City Hall, spilling out of Council Chambers into the hallway and lobby.  For a period, the meeting was put on hold because of the loud, chanting crowds.  Some protesters suggested that only landlords were being heard before the Council because they’d arrived early to claim all the seats in the chambers.  Two protesters were arrested, including one who seriously injured a municipal employee.

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