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Fire is truly one of the most powerful forces on Earth.  When controlled, fire can provide heat, light the darkness, and cook our food.  When out of control, fire can do extensive damage to property, cause life-altering injuries, and claim lives in a matter of moments.  As a Sonoma fire injury law firm, we believe in helping fire victims and also in providing information that can help prevent fires in the first place.  Today, we look at the danger of propane fires and propane fire injuries as investigators consider whether propane caused a Petaluma trailer fire that caused both minor injuries and substantial financial loss.

Investigators Eye Propane as Potential Source of Petaluma Fire

According to The Press Democrat, fire struck a travel trailer on Skillman Lane in Petaluma, just west of Petaluma Boulevard North, on Monday night.  Officials from the Rancho Adobe Fire Department told reporters that a man was watching television inside the trailer when he realized the structure was on fire.  He attempted to extinguish the fire himself and suffered minor facial burns.  The blaze caused approximately $8,000 in property damage.

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